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Vegan Meal Menus: 4 weeks
Vegan Meal Menus: 28 DAYS, 1000-2800 Calories 4 Weeks
Vegan Meal Menus: 28 DAYS, 1000-2800 Calories 4 Weeks
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Nutritional Vegan meal menus in 8-calorie levels with Recipes, Grocery List, and PCF

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Calorie levels are for this 28-day Vegan menu are: 1000,1200,1400,1600,1800,2000,2400,2800.

This Vegan plan is 4 Weeks: 3 Meals + 3 Snacks = 168 Meals. [No animal products.]

This healthy dietician Vegan Collection offers meal menus in eight calorie levels ranging from 1000 to 2800 calories. The Vegan food plan options are very low in saturated fat and high in fiber. These highly nutritional dietary plans exclude meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, and eggs - they contain no animal products of any type. Special care was taken to address the issues of getting adequate intake for vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and iron - traditional areas of concern for Vegans. While these menus were devised attempting to maximize these nutrients, supplementation may be advisable (especially in the lower calorie plans) to assure adequate levels of some of these nutrients - especially vitamin B12, which is only present in animal foods.

Note: To INCLUDE Eggs & Dairy, please go to the Vegetarian Meal Plans.

Linda Fleming, who serves on the NutriBase Advisory Board developed these Vegan Meal Plans for you. This collection offers Vegan options at eight calorie levels, ranging from 1000 to 2800 calories.

The most salient feature of this collection of plans is that they contain no animal products. These plans exclude meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, and eggs. Although a diet of this type can be healthy, there are several considerations that every Vegan must address.

Because cholesterol is available only from animal sources, these menus contain no cholesterol. They are also low in saturated fat, which is also primarily found in animal products. (Interestingly enough, the most highly saturated of all fats - the tropical oils - come from plants.) The fat content of these plans average about 26% of total calories, primarily from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The frequent use of nuts and seeds in these plans provides the essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids as well. When eating flax seeds, be sure to grind them up before eating them to allow for proper digestion and absorption.

Protein is not the problem it was once thought to be. Protein intakes between 15% to 20% of calories are maintained at all calorie levels in these plans by including soy products, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains.

It is generally more difficult for Vegans to meet their requirements for vitamins D and B12 and the minerals calcium and zinc. Vitamin D is added to some soy milks and can be made in the body after exposure to sunlight. Supplementation with this vitamin may be warranted in Vegans, especially those who do not spend time in the sun.

Vitamin B12 is a particular problem for Vegans. Although our needs for this nutrient are very small, this vitamin is found only in animal-derived foods. Once again, choose B12-fortified soy milk and/or rely on supplements to meet your requirements. Soy products are often fortified with calcium as well, and this can help Vegans meet their daily requirement for this mineral. Additional calcium sources for Vegans include some green leafy vegetables, almonds, and sesame seeds. Once again, a calcium supplement may be beneficial, especially at lower calorie intake levels.

Meat is the richest food source for zinc, so Vegans must choose their food wisely to meet their nutritional needs. Nuts, legumes, and whole grains also contain zinc, therefore these foods should be eaten often, as recommended in this menu. Users of the lower calorie Vegan plan should consider supplementation of this nutrient as well.

Iron requirements in these plans are adequate at all calorie levels EXCEPT the 1000 calorie. These needs are met by including legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, and iron-fortified cereals and grains. It should be noted that 1000 calorie per day diets are not recommended for the long term, as it is difficult to get all essential nutrients at such a low calorie intake on any.

These menus were developed for you by Linda Fleming, NutriBase Advisory Board.

Recipes: We include recipes with your meal plan.

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Please note: Meal menus (i.e., downloads) are not Refundable so choose wisely.

Linda Fleming, CNS, MS in Medical Biology and MS in Human Nutrition. Linda has 10 years experience working in clinical and hospital laboratories and she's been teaching human biology, cell biology, and nutrition at the college level for 19 years. Linda also owns and operates her private practice - Health through Nutrition - where she works to help her clients make lifestyle choices that help prevent conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. She counsels her clients that their eating and exercising choices are two important factors that they can - and should - control... she sees prevention as the far more sensible alternative to trying to manage these conditions with drugs after they've become life-threatening. Linda lectures and makes television appearances on the topics of nutritional approaches to stress and disease. And, of course, she uses NutriBase to help her with nutrient analysis and Meal Planning.

You should consult with your healthcare provider prior to beginning any fitness or dietary program.

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