Very helpful products and apparel for people with Special Needs - those arthritic, disabled, wheelchair bound, low mobility, or physically challenged.

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Silvert's Special Needs Apparel

Clothing & Products for Special Needs Arthritic, Handicapped, Wheelchair bound or low mobility, Physically Challenged. Velcro, open-back and Zipper closures, Easy-Care. Underwear, Adjustable VELCRO slippers, non-skid socks, booties, shoes and more -- to facilitate easy-dressing. Adaptive Clothing and Footwear is designed specifically for those facing physical challenges or for elderly seniors with arthritic, handicapped, disabled and/or lowered mobility issues. Silvert�s adaptive clothing incorporates domes/snaps, VELCRO ®, Easy Touch and Zipper closures, open back dresses. Silvert's products are a invaluable to those unable to dress easily due to arthritis and/or are wheelchair dependent. Silvert's products are purchased by caregiver's for parents and relatives at home and in nursing facilities. In addition, the caregiver will often purchase for themselves.

Adaptive Clothing and Footwear for Special Needs

Silverts Special Needs and Easy Care Disabled Apparel

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Silverts Special Needs and Easy Care Disabled Apparel

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Silvert's Adaptive Clothing Features

Attractive VELCRO ® back closing dresses and snap back dresses. Self-dressing or aided dressing is made easier with special features discreetly hidden in these charming dresses. Soft and flattering, our beautiful back closing dresses and snap back dresses are easy-wear and easy-care!

Stylish Men's special needs sweaters and tracksuits. Easy access features mean pure convenience and comfort for wheelchair-dependent people or those who are incontinent. Washable and effortlessly wearable, these tracksuits are perfect for home or the healthcare facility.

Comfortable speciality shoes in wide widths. Adjustable easy-touch VELCRO® brand straps help guarantee a great, "just-right" fit! Pair our cozy shoes with our specialty diabetic Care Socks for the ultimate in comfort! Clothing for Full Figured Seniors can help them feel good and look great. They help to improve Mom and Dad's quality of life and continued happiness.

Why does my mom or dad need disabled or wheelchair clothing?
When your loved one begins to use a wheelchair you may suddenly realize just how difficult dressing can be for those who have a physical disability or even limited mobility. Special needs elderly clothing for the disabled will help drastically ease the ongoing frustration of dressing or being bound to a wheelchair and help make life easier for you or the caregiver. Wheelchair clothing is designed to be put on while the person is seated! With Silvert's elderly or special needs clothing your loved one can spend their days in regular clothing rather than spending their days in a nightgown and robe.

How can Arthritis Clothing help you and/or the one you care for?
Often it is lowered hand dexterity which becomes an issue when dressing or putting on footwear. The challenge of doing up a button, tying a shoe lace, pulling on a garment are just a few dilemmas that those with arthritis encounter. VELCRO ® and Easy Touch closures allow those with painful muscle joints to effortlessly manipulate and adjust their clothing while dressing or undressing. Silvert�s Easy Dressing Pants not only feature Easy Touch closures, but the deep side openings allow for dressing from a seated position. When lowered mobility becomes an issue Silvert�s full line of disabled adaptive clothing offers seated dressing designs to resolve all your dressing challenges. Unable to manage shoe laces and/or feet are painful or swollen? Silvert's provides a complete line of Women's and Men's VELCRO® and Easy Touch shoes and slippers. Even the task of putting on a sock may be a chore which is why Silvert�s carries a variety of wider fitting non-constrictive socks.

How can Handicapped Clothing help you?
What could be more frustrating than the inability to dress yourself or the one the one you care for? Struggling to weight bear without falling while attempting to dress at the same time may seem like an insurmountable task. In a home environment you may not have access to lift equipment and thus caregiver back injuries may become a concern. In a healthcare facility there are never enough lifts and/or time to dress residents. Add joint and muscle discomfort and paralysis to the mix and dressing can become not only a difficult process, but a painful one.

Silvert's Adaptive Clothing and Footwear for Special Needs

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